20 Samples Topics For An Archaeology Term Paper

One of the most difficult tasks in writing a term paper is choosing a topic. It is important that the topic that you choose is one that you have interest in and one that you can reflect on, as writing the paper can be quite time consuming and if you have little interest in the topic it can be an overwhelming and tiring undertaking.

Below is a list of 20 sample topics for an archaeology term paper. Search through the recommended topics and find the subject that is most interesting and relatable to you.

Sample Topics for an Archaeology Paper

  1. The lost city of Atlantis – A mythical city that has said to have been found in places throughout the world.
  2. Stonehenge – What was the purpose of Stonehenge, how built it and how was it discovered.
  3. Antikythera Mechanism – A mysterious item discovered in a shipwreck off the Greek Island.
  4. Nazca Lines – Animals and figures that can only be spotted by air and thought to have been made by aliens
  5. The Great Pyramids – Discover how the Great Pyramids were built, who they were built by and who was the pyramids built for.
  6. Gobekli Tepe – Examine when Gobekli Tepe was discovered, why does it prompt questions regarding evolution of civilization, who built them.
  7. Headless Vikings of Dorset – Who cut off the heads of so many Vikings? Was this a sacrifice or a raid?
  8. The Tomb of the Sunken Skulls – Why were these people struck with stakes through their skulls? When was the discovery and what period of time did this happen.
  9. Dead Sea Scrolls – One of the major finds of the last century, the earliest known biblical documents.
  10. Mount Owen Moa – A large prehistoric bird claw found perfectly preserved.
  11. Piri Reis Map – A map that dates back to the 1500s, showing astonishing accuracy.
  12. Ancient Troy – A city with legendary history
  13. Rapi Nui – Remarkable heads carved in stone found on Easter Island.
  14. The Grauballe Man – A unique mummified body found incredibly preserved. Was he murdered? Sacrificed?
  15. Diquis Spheres – Found on the coast of Costa Rica, people are still wondering what they were used for.
  16. Rosetta Stone – One of archaeology’s greatest discoveries.
  17. Venetian Vampire – The discovery of a vampire and how he was killed.
  18. Aztec Sacrifices – The decapitation and mutilation of human and animals.
  19. Terracotta Army – A large army of terracotta warriors buried with Qin Shi Huang.
  20. Dessert Kites – Low stone walls that have puzzled scientists for years.

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