Creating Original Research Paper Proposal: Controversial Topics On Child Abuse

Child abuse is obviously a controversial topic, and one that is dear to many people’s hearts. Whether someone has been abuse themselves as a child, knows someone that has been abuse, or simply has compassion for other human beings, the topic of child abuse can create a range of emotions in individuals. As a result, even if you are covering non-controversial topics related to child-abuse, it is important to tread carefully; therefore, if you are looking at controversial ideas, try to be careful not to unnecessarily offends anyone, particularly if you need to carry out any research that involves interviews of questionnaires with affected individuals.

Of course, in order to write about the topic, you need to come up with a good idea. Once you have an idea in mind, you will then be able to prepare a proposal, which will include ideas relating to objectives, as well as any research methods that you may have used.

For some further ideas about topics that you may wish to write about, there is a list of ideas below.

  1. How often do serial killers experience child-abuse, and to what extent does this lead to issues relating to psychopathy, or any other mental disturbances that may cause them to be violent later on in life?
  2. What problems to the authorities face when it comes to identifying child abuse?
  3. Should teachers be better trained when it comes to identify and the signs of child abuse, in order to ensure that the authorities are able to intervene quickly, so as to minimize any harm?
  4. Should parents who are guilty of child abuse ever be allowed to see their children again?
  5. Should parents who are found guilty of child abuse be required to be sterilized, to avoid the possibility of them having children in the future?
  6. Should child abuse sentences be more severe, so as to help minimize the chances of it occurring?
  7. Can issues relating to stress and mental illness ever justify child abuse, or absolve guilty parties of any blame?
  8. Should there be a minimum age that someone should be if they are to be found guilty of child abuse?
  9. Should child abusers, particularly those who are guilty of sexual violence, be given added protection in prison?
  10. Should convicted child abusers be given anonymity and protection by the state when they are released from prison?

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