Compelling Research Paper Topics In Developmental Psychology

As academic subjects go on psychology is one of the most interesting and revealing to study. Many students will find the subject completely fascinating and compelling and it will give them an interesting insight into how the human mind works.

particularly interesting field of study relating to the discipline is that of developmental psychology. Essentially, relatively broad area of study involves looking at various psychological factors that might influence and impact upon a human being during the early years - in other words, you’re looking at the development of the human mind - and occasionally the body.

To give you a better understanding of what ideas you may wish to use for a research paper, the following outlines a selection of titles.

  1. Based on known experiments and other relevant data, to what extent do children develop when brought up in a gender neutral environment?
  2. Discuss the way in which serial killers will often receive poor treatment at the hands of one or more parents, as well as potentially at school, and how this impacts upon their development, and might ultimately influence their murderous behavior in later life
  3. Outline and discuss the various stages of psychosexual development that occur during the early years of the human’s life, and how they can impact upon the psychology of an individual
  4. In terms of the nature versus nurture debate, how important is it to study the behavior and development of twins, and what relevant studies taught us?
  5. What have we learned about our language learning capabilities as a result of feral children who have lived and been brought up by animals?
  6. Outline and discuss the differences and similarities between statistical learning and perceptual learning when it comes to language acquisition
  7. Outline and discuss what we know about cognitive development and how it can be influenced at various stages of our life
  8. How important are social interactions from a young age and how do they affect the emotional development of young people?
  9. Compare and contrast the way that children can develop physically in different ways and at different times and what effect this might have on a young person, particularly if they develop more slowly than their peers
  10. What research methods can be used in the field of development psychology and what ethical issues might be faced by individuals using such methods?

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