10 Great Research Paper Topics On Budgeting Process To Consider

The budgeting process is an important aspect of economic activity, requiring years of study to master, yet many professionals make huge mistakes when dealing with related issues. This doesn’t necessarily mean that to attempt to understand the process is futile, it just means that probability is just as relevant a consideration as is understanding the process itself. As with most things, there are many factors to consider before making accurate predictions.

As a researcher, it is your job to uncover secrets about various topics that pose mysteries to the academic world. Your main goal should be to contribute meaningful materials to the academic world, materials that can be used in practical situations or further more research. Consider the following ten great custom research paper topics on the budgeting process.

  1. Whose money is it?
  2. This study attempts to clearly state who the money really belongs to, the government or the tax payers.

  3. Which investments give returns
  4. This study explores the intentions of finance ministers and the real reason why they make certain decisions. Do they intend to make returns on spending, or are they supporting a different agenda?

  5. How is the small man protected
  6. This study explores the measures in place to make sure that big financial decision don’t adversely affect the lower economic groups, as they have in many cases.

  7. The influence of powerful people
  8. This study will expose the influence powerful people can have on the budgeting decisions made by the government, most often in their favor.

  9. The importance of a company
  10. This study attempts to understand the reasons why most governments are willing to financially assist large companies, to save them from bankruptcy.

  11. Subsidizing costs
  12. This study attempts to understand the effects of financial subsidies on the overall process of budgeting available funds.

  13. Corruption in the government
  14. This study will show just how much corrupted practices can negatively impact the budgeting process, by studying specific cases.

  15. Political promises
  16. This study attempts to understand just how much, negatively or positively, do political promises affect the budgeting process.

  17. Layman’s terms
  18. This study attempts to show how much use of complicated speech, is internally used to confuse a voting population, ultimately leading to bad decisions.

  19. Bad decisions
  20. In this study, we will attempt to find out the full impact of bad budgeting decisions, both on the economy and on future budgeting processes.

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