Writing An Appealing Gay Marriage Research Paper Introduction

Gay marriage is a topic that is debated over regularly according to a wide range of different criteria. For example, many gay people feel that they deserve equal rights, particularly in relation to the legal status of the partnership. On the other hand, various groups, including some religious people, are reluctant to allow gay marriage to occur.

If you need to write about the topic, then it is entirely plausible that you will start with the introduction - if so, you may be wondering how to write an appealing start your work.

Deciding what aspects of gay marriage to focus on

As mentioned, there are many different groups who have strong opinions about the subject, and you will need to decide what topic you wish to write about, and potentially which side of the argument you will be writing for or against, particularly if writing a persuasive piece. Of course, you do not necessarily need to choose a side of the argument, depending on the style of writing that you choose to employ.

Finalizing any primary and secondary questions that you wish to examine

Once you have a left topic in mind, you may wish to consider what the primary focus of your work will be as well as whether there any secondary questions that you wish to discuss as part of your paper. In other words, you will need to decide what you’re main heading will be in any further subheadings.

Introducing the topic followed by your aims

When writing the introduction, it is a good idea to try and inform the reader of the general topic as soon as possible, before going into further detail about any particular aims you have as part of your paper. Essentially, the reader should note relatively early of what to expect, at least on a basic level, from the rest of your work. Of course, having introduced the topic, you can go into further detail later in the introduction - as well as obviously in the main body section.

Checking that the introduction is still relevant once the rest of the work is written

Once you have completed the writing process, it is a good idea to check over the work for any spelling or grammatical errors. Furthermore, you should be double checking that all of your sections are still relevant. For example, you might slightly change some of your aims and objectives during the writing process, so you need to ensure that your introduction tallies with the work that you have actually created.

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