Hints For Writing A Research Paper About Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

In British literature you will read Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. And the odds are very great that you will have to compose an essay on this famous novel. It is considered gothic science fiction genre and was written in 1816 to 1817. The story moves across Europe ahs has thrilled readers for many years. You might need our hints for writing a research paper about Frankenstein.

Hints on a Frankenstein Research Piece

  • Make sure you actually read the complete novel. This is one of those books where the teacher can tell if you have not read it.
  • You can consider exploring the complexities of the characters such as Elizabeth and Victor.
  • It is told by a narrator, which makes for an interesting point of view. You can explore how this telling by Robert
  • Walton helps the story to unfold differently and then talk about when Victor Frankenstein and hos monster tell the story.
  • One very unique approach is to look at how the different settings such as the Swiss Alps and England move the story.
  • If you have to discuss a technique you could cover foreshadowing, tone, motifs of abortion, symbols of fire, ice, light, and dark, and different themes. Some important themes that could be covered could be nature, sublime nature, the evils of secrecy, monsters and images, and evil or dangerous knowledge.
  • Your teacher may ask you to write about the letter writing and the roles the letters and writing paly in the novel.
  • How women are depicted could possibly be a strong topic on the novel. They are treated like innocent, untouched, and passive people. They have no powers in the piece.
  • Look at how illness and sick people play a part in the novel.
  • Write a comparison and contrast between the monster and Victor.
  • You can use the motif of a journey and apply it to how Victor is seeking and looking for knowledge in the book. Explore the concept of fate, what the term means, and how Victor’s fate came from his search for knowledge.
  • It could be fun to comapre the book to some of the Frankenstein movies and how the treatment of the monster tends to differ in the movies from the novel. Ask yourself why this happens and project some theories. Look carefully at how the monster communicates in the two different presentations, and don't forget to do thesis proofreading in the end.

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