Creative Ideas To Help You With Research Paper Proposal Writing

A proposal is meant to introduce your idea to supervisors to enable them ascertain whether it is workable. It also shows whether you have the ability to complete the research paper in terms of time, organization and resources. A good proposal will be approved while the weak one is declined. Here are creative ideas that will help you draft a captivating proposal.

Choose a Good Topic

The topic you select for your proposal will remain when it is time to write the paper. The topic indicates the areas you intend to pursue in your paper. As such, it should be very specific and deliberate. Identify an interesting are of study. Supervisors have read through numerous proposals and papers. They will therefore be looking for something captivating and unique. Pick an area that is relevant to your career or discipline and the unit you are writing your paper on. This makes your proposal strong and thoughtful.

Read Widely

A proposal indicates areas you intend to review. This does not give you the freedom to be shallow in your proposal. The supervisor is looking for a student who understands his target study area and thus has an idea of the content and materials to use. The proposal should also indicate the materials you intend to refer to. This can only be achieved if you have read relevant materials. Failure to research before compiling your proposal leaves you with a weak proposal that may be dismissed easily. It indicates lack of intellectual capacity to handle the area.

Use Examples

A proposal differs from the actual paper in terms of language, length, format and the content. To best capture what is required of you, an example will be appropriate. There are examples from different platforms including the library, from your supervisor and from writing agencies. Do not copy everything that is in the example. The instructions used in the writing process could differ. Copying the example will mean that you ignore the instructions issued by your supervisor.


A proposal differs from other academic writing. This uniqueness may be confusing. To ensure that you remain on track, always consult. Discuss the topic, structure, content, formatting, etc with your supervisor. It will save you time and resources by ensuring that you are not forced to repeat what you have already done.

A strong research proposal shows your preparedness to handle a particular topic. With a sample, it will be easier to complete the proposal. In case you are not certain about any area, consult your supervisor.

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