Guide To Writing A Research Paper Introduction In The MLA Style

When it comes to a research paper, references are important. There are numerous referencing styles like Harvard, APA and MLA. Similarly there are different styles of writing a paper as well. When you are given a research paper to write, you will also be given specific instructions as to what kind of referencing or style of writing should be done for the same.

When you are instructed to write the introduction of your research paper in MLA style this is what you are to do. The main purpose of the instruction will be tell the reader behind the purpose and scope behind your main objective of undertaking this assignment. Talk about the rationale of your study and also you will be expected to justify your choice of topic and area as well.

There is no word limitation when it comes to writing the introduction. But write it with a sense of concise. Be precise and to the point. Do not mention anything that you don’t need to. It is often advised to write the introduction last. Since an introduction in a way summarizes and provides a sneak-peek of what you will be doing. Therefore it must include all the important aspects and the major modules of the paper. Because when you write the introduction at last it is a way of ensuring that you have covered all the important topics without leaving anything out.

For a lengthy paper, you can use an outline and build your introduction by using the outline. That way will surely be easier when dealing with huge content. Remember the purpose of an introduction is somewhat similar to an abstraction but provides finer and different points than those discussed in the abstract. The thing about the introduction here is to provide the concept of the topic being discussed, then talking about its scope and relevance and then finally why you think it is a worthy subject to do a paper on. Then talking about the thesis as well as the hypothesis along with it.

Always write every aspect of your paper with the mind-set is someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable about what you are writing about and aim to please them. Mention the points in an orderly manner, so as to ensure the flow of idea. State your leads properly and explain their importance as well. If there are any supporting facts, mention them as well.

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