How To Complete A Good Research Paper On Bullying In The Philippines

If you're new to writing research papers, it's normal to be a little bit overwhelmed with taking on a big task like researching bullying in the Philippines. Here are five tips to ensure your paper is thoroughly researched and well written.

  1. Read about your subject. Experts say that about 50% of Filipino students are bullied, with about 31 incidents taking place each and every school day. There is a lot of information to be found on this subject, so be sure to do your research so that you have a compelling argument for your paper. There are many different forms of bullying, as well, including cyber bullying as well as verbal and physical bullying. Be sure to narrow your topic sufficiently so that you can make a compelling argument, rather than trying to cover the full gamut of bullying.
  2. Determine your paper's main point. After researching and narrowing your focus, come up with one sentence that makes the main point of your paper. A good sentence would be something like, " School Bullying Creates an Attendance Problem Among Students in the Philippines". This sentence can be your guide for creating the remainder of your paper. Each time you add a fact to your paper, check it to ensure it supports your main point. You may also want to add points from the opposing point of view. If this is the case, be ready to refute the points.
  3. Determine needed information and create sub points. Now that you know your main point, create your sub-points. These are the details that support your primary thesis or argument. List these in an order that will ensure that your paper flows logically and builds to a conclusion. Remember that bullying is a very emotional subject, so treat it with care. In addition, be sure to discuss differences that might exist between bullying in the Philippines and that of other cultures.
  4. Cite your research. Remember to refer to your research within the body of your paper. Your research provides weight and authority to your argument, and is important to making your paper credible. Follow your teacher's requirements regarding creating footnotes or a bibliography to give credit to your information sources.
  5. Add the details. By the time you've created the steps above, your paper should be mostly complete. Fill in the additional details, and write the transition statements that move your paper from one point to another. Once you've completed these steps, enlist help to read your paper and offer suggestions for improvements and corrections.

Following the five steps above should help ensure your paper on bullying in the Philippines is the best you've ever written.

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