Advice On Correct Formatting Of Research Paper References

The purpose of research paper references is to guide readers on the resource materials used in drafting the paper. There are universal rules that guide the drafting of references based on the discipline of study or subject. There are formatting styles as well that are distinct with unique rules. Further, tutors and departments issue instructions based on the requirement and purpose of the paper. Here is expert advice on how to craft your references page.

Check Instructions

Formatting styles are strict on referencing. However, there is always a leeway that is aimed at accommodating the needs of each discipline or department. Review and understand these instructions before beginning to work on the page. Understand whether you are required to use APA or MLA. In case you need to make alterations, ensure that it is provided for in the instructions.

Be Consistent

Formatting rules are aimed at providing consistency in citation and referencing. Differences in formatting styles mean that the appearance and order of the reference will differ. If asked to use the APA style, stick to this style to the end. When asked to use MLA format, do not combine or twist it in a way that brings confusion. Stick to the style as indicated in the instructions and follow it through your references.

Use a Sample

Referencing is challenging with books, audios, websites, images, journals, etc to be referenced. This is likely to cause confusion. To avoid mistakes and ensure that you stick to the rules, find a proofread example. Good samples of research paper references are obtained from your tutor, department, library or a reliable online writing agency. A sample with notes or comments is recommended. It guides you on what you are supposed to do and what to avoid. A wrong sample may cause more harm. Consult with your tutor in case you are unable to use the sample obtained.

Work on Presentation

Proper presentation allows the reader to concentrate on your content other than be distracted by poor quality work. Check on correct margin sizes, font type and size, spacing, underlining, use of italics and bold, etc. Such concerns make your work easier to follow.

Referencing a research paper should be guided by the instructions issued by your tutor. Understand the distinct features of each formatting style and adhere to them. A sample provides an idea of what is expected. Use - thesis writing tips will surely ease your work.

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